Monday, 30 April 2007

txt talk hurtyn englysh skillz? u b the judge

So which is it? Is abbreviated, punctuation-less communication hurting the written language, or is it just another method by which kids can easily communicate with one other? It's probably a bit of both.
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Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Welcome to Joost!

Brought to you by the makers of Kazaa and Skype, Joost (pronounced 'Juiced') is a interactive program for distributing TV shows over the internet using P2P technology.

The program is based on P2PTV technology and is expected to deliver near-TV resolution images. It turns your PC into an instant on-demand TV without any need for additional set top box. News updates, discussion forums, show ratings, and multi-user chat sessions (often linked to the active stream/channel) are made possible through the use of semi-transparent widget overlays.
At the moment, Joost is in invitation-only beta testing. Since I've not blogged in a long time, I thought of handing out *drumroll* Joost Beta invites! Good way to find out if there are people out there that still read my blog. At first use, I noticed that it has a really smooth interface; it's very noninvasive and is easy on the eyes. I glanced through some of the features such as News updates, discussion forums, show ratings, and multi-user chat sessions (often linked to the active stream/channel).Joost looks like it has a lot of potential. In the future, you'll hopefully see a lot of TV Shows appearing on Joost. The company has signed up with Warner Music some other production companies for the beta.

Therefore if you want to help Beta test Joost, all you have to do is let me know you read this. Three invites remaining, so you'll want to hurry.

Also, I've started to hate Blogger and it's templates. So hopefully, I'll be moving my act here. And another thing, why does Sony choose to limit customers purchasing games from the PS Store only if they reside in select countries. What about people living in the other half of the world? There is an alternative method (Playstation cards) but nobody knows where to get one of them.