Monday, 19 February 2007

Playstation 3 has landed

My Sony Playstation 3 60gb along with Resistance : Fall of Man arrived yesterday from Hong Kong I highly recommend this website -- It shipped in just 2 days and the ordering process was very straightforward.
The PS3 is currently sitting at the SL Customs which sucks because I thought It would be delivered to my doorstep.
I'll be going now to clear the console and bring it home, I hope this goes smoothly; the Customs here are anything but efficient.

Stay tuned for impressions, pictures and videos.

Things on my to-do list:

Install Yellow Dog Linux, play around with PSP-PS3 connectivity, hook it up to the internet, start R:FOM.

EDIT : What a coincidence. 10 Minutes after I blogged this, UPS came over with the PS3!

Uboxed it 2 minutes ago.. All I can say is : Wow.

This thing is a black shiny sexy beast. It's plugged in and I'm downloading the Firmware Update as we speak. Such a sleek looking console, Sony, Excellent Job.

Pics coming as soon as my camera feels like charging itself (grr)

Thanks for the comment , Maail. Yeah I just couldn't wait so I brought it down. Metal Gear Solid 4, Army of 2 , Oblivion, Lair. Tonnes of good games coming out this month. The system cost 599$, shipping was 125$ and Resistance:Fall of Man was 64$. It was worth every dollar.
Add me to the Playstation Network, my ID is n0uhad. It'll be cool to see more Maldivian gamers on the PSN

I'm loving the PS3!


Maail said...

wow...seriouslyyy? lucky still waiting till some good games come out like heavenly sword and army of two and plus metal much did the system cost?

nouhad said...

Thanks for the comment, I've editted my post - Check it out

Maail said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

nouhad said...

I'll add you. My mains are on Bloodscalp, 60 paladin, 49 mage.. I mostly help my friends level and stuff since i can't be bothered playing this month

Maail said...

well dude...aint u goin to blog about ure ps3 impressions? how is it? u got a hdtv??? if so it must look great eh?