Friday, 24 November 2006

New slang

As you can see, my blog's design has been defaulted to one of Bloggers standard templates. This  is because I felt my previous template was getting stale, so, until I figure out a way to semantically tinker this template to accomodate my own CSS styles & links, this template will stay.
Time flies; it's been an interesting couple of months marked by many things that i'd like to include in this entry, but doing so would exceed the limit and purpose of this post.
First  things first -  Sony's Playstation 3 killer launch party was held this month. Besides its hefty price tag and ridiculously low supply of units, the PS3 left people with mixed emotions. To get your hands on Sony's next-gen console, you either had to camp for days outside stores in the States (and risk getting shot at) or smart enough to have pre-ordered your console months ago. Needless to say, they won't be available at their original price in this region for a few months to come, not unless you're willing to dish out 1000$ and purchase one on E-bay. Next came Nintendo with their Wii console, the 'redhead' of the next-generation console family, the Wii was the cheapest and appealed to a more generic fan-base compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 (Actually, if you think about it - the PS3 doesn't appeal to anyone in particular. Who is Sony targetting with the PS3?).. to be continued throughout the week

stuff i've been doing/watching/testing/
'Seeders, Leechers, Trackers'? Don't understand how does Bittorent works? Take a look at this interactive applet to give you a better idea.
Microsoft Office 2007 - Intuitive new 'Ribbon' interface - does the competition stand a chance?
The Departed - 10/10 Watch. This. Movie.
Casino Royale - The latest in the Bond series. certainly a more 'darker' Bond than ever. I liked it.
The 'scrapped' Jackass 2 finale scene - Why wasn't this included? 'Tis simply awesome!
Wikipedia's evil twin
CSS Shorthand Guide

in future posts - best software of 2006, WoW : Burning Crusade, PS3 specs, a look at Playstation Portable 3.0 Firmware, Python test coding, Microsoft Zune : why it sucks

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