Sunday, 22 January 2006

Lifehacker software

ABC's Googleplex visit was quite interesting as the Google park or campus as it's better known, reflects the companies goals and ethics (which have come under fire recently) . Bob Woodruff, the ABC anchor takes a tour of the complex and it is quite obvious that Google is very concerned about the wellbeing of its employees. Just imagine working for a company where food, haircuts, trips and many other stuff is 100% free. Not only is food free, but employees are given things such as exercise equipment which are scattered around the hallways. If you ask me, Google is the #1 company to work for, even though employees there may be a little wierd, Google employs the smartest.
If you want to check out the video tour - click here. Oh and if you didn't know, Google has seen a 400,000 % growth in revenues over the past 5 years. Thats my 0.2 $ on Google.
Lifehacker software
software that you should have
  • 7Zip - When WinZip started refusing to open certain necessary file formats, I switched to 7-Zip and never looked back. ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM and DEB, oh my
  • FoxIt PDF Reader (Firefox Extension) - In the time it takes for Adobe Acrobat Reader to launch and then load up that PDF, you could download, install and open it with FoxIt with time to spare. Ditch Adobe for FoxIt’s leaner, meaner PDF browsing.
  • Audacity - Wanna record a song being played on an Internet radio station? How about clip a tune down to 20 seconds to make it your cell phone’s ringtone? Audacity will do ya right.
  • Picasa 2 - If you have a family member that has recently purchased a digital camera, this is a must have program. Manages all your pictures. Want a reason to download it? It's a Google owned company :P
  • VLC Media Player - If you had a file that WMP or any other media player whined about failing to open, this is what you need. In my opinion, the best media player out there.
  • Free Download Manager - Normally you'd think this containd spyware and adware. This is not the case. Use Free Download Manager in the place of Mozilla's Download tool (since it times out so often) This software downloads files at blazing speeds and it will not fail you.
  • Skype 2.0 - Get a headset. Get Skype 2.0, now you're connected to anyone else that has a headset and the program. Superb audio quality, VoIP at its best.
  • - Stop using MS Office! Start using! Contains all software that do the same functions as the MSOffice package.
  • Miranda - A reason to get stop using MSN Messenger. Miranda contains all IM clients and what's best is - you can skin it all you like.
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btw - this post was written at around about the same time Liverpool lost to Manchester United - damn.


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