Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Internet Explorer 7

It has been just under 2 years since the release of Mozilla Firefox 0.8 in February 2004. The project which became Firefox started as an experimental branch of the Mozilla Suite. When sufficiently developed, binaries for public testing appeared 2002 under the name Phoenix.
Firefox has developed considerably since its first release as Phoenix on September 23, 2002. The browser is lauded by fans for its download speed and a superior user interface, and users say that its pop-up blocker is one of the best out there. It offers tabbed browsing, which means that users can jump back and forth between different sites with only one window open, and live bookmarks, which show users the most recent headlines on their favorite sites and lets them go directly to those articles. Firefox 2 development is well underway, with an Alpha 1 release set to come out on February 10. For more info on Firefox 2 "Bon echo" features, click here.
If you're one of the few people who are not so sure about the Firefox hype, download it here, to change your browsing experience. Here's some information about IE7 :
  1. IE 7 was originally scheduled only for inclusion in Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn)
  2. IE 7 will be focused on security
  3. IE 7 will include tabbed browsing
  4. IE 7 will not include a new Outlook Express version
  5. IE 7 will be free
  6. IE 7 will ship for XP SP2, XP x64
  7. The version of IE in Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn) will be quite different from standalone IE
  8. IE 7 will include major changes for Web devs.
  9. IE 7 will not include ad blocking
Click here to view the IE7 screenshots gallery.

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