Friday, 16 December 2005

Whats going down

Top Gear's Bugatti Veyron episode was aired a few days ago. I have to say, the Veyron HAS to be the most incredible thing ever created. Besides being the most expensive car in the world, it has 1001 horsepower with a level of acceleration unheard of in the sports car segment, propelling it from 0 to 60 mph in just three seconds, and past the 200 mph mark in a mere 14 seconds! For pics of the Veyron, check out my Flickr slideshow.
Enough about the Veyron, more about Chronicles of Narnia : The Lion, With and Wardrobe. This movie started off at a slow pace and it seems ages for it to actually reach the climax of the story, do not watch this if you're impatient. However, once it reached the climax, it was really enjoyable. I thought this movie resembled the LOTR movies alot, the only difference being this movie (based on the book) was meant for kids. Near the end of the movie, the story took quite a twist and made it all the more exciting, I'd rate this movie 7/10; watch it if you can.

Whats on the news: NSA Spies on the US. Here's an excerpt from the NYT:
Months after the Sept. 11 attacks, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on Americans and others inside the United States to search for evidence of terrorist activity without the court-approved warrants ordinarily required for domestic spying, according to government officials.
Under a presidential order signed in 2002, the intelligence agency has monitored the international telephone calls and international e-mail messages of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people inside the United States without warrants over the past three years in an effort to track possible "dirty numbers" linked to Al Qaeda, the officials said. The agency, they said, still seeks warrants to monitor entirely domestic communications.

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Im hoping I get luckier than this guy.

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