Friday, 23 December 2005

Peter Jackson's King Kong

This year will be looked back at and remembered with many events and happenings that occured during the course of this year. King Kong is one such event. 72 years since the original King Kong released in theaters, the all new Peter Jackson-directed King Kong was released this month. The movie itself has a runtime of 187 minutes - thats quite long for a movie, and some may say that a three hour movie would be boring and too long to watch. King Kong is everything but boring. Peter Jackson was given 200$ million to play around with to make the new King Kong movie, and after watching it, I can say that every single dollar put into it was worth it. Up till today, King Kong has grossed 66.18$ million in the box office.
With a cast consisting of actors such as Jack Black, Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody, Peter Jackson is able to make the movie even more exciting. The CGI sequences are so realistically done, and the CGI characters garner such emotion that its hard to believe they were computer-generated. Every other minute of the movie is pure CGI (hard to tell) and adds to all the excitement and confusion that occurs during the intro of the movie. This review itself does not convey what all the fuss is about; you'll just have to go see it to experience another one of Peter Jackson's pieces of art.

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