Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Oh yeah, the PSP

I've not written much at all about my PSP ever since I bought it, mainly because I didn't know what to write about or didn't have time. The PSP is high-ranked in almost all decent Top Ten gadget lists all over the web, and could possibly be the most revolutionary handheld device ever made. The first time you pick up the device it will be hard for you to keep your eyes of the TFT screen, the PSPs most noticeable element. The screen is 110 mm/4.3" (diagonal) 16:9 ratio TFT LCD, sporting a 480 x 272 pixel resolution capable of 16.77 million colours. In other words; the best screen ever put on a portable device.
The PSP has tonnes of games at the moment, but the device is being bought mainly to exploit it and run homebrew apps and games. Picture yourselves as Sony, its kind of scary when your Unit sales exceed your game sales by a huge margin. A few months after the consoles` original release somewhere in December 2004, the firmware was cracked by a group of spanish coders. Since then, Sony have released 5 critical updates, 4 of whom which (to my knowledge) have been cracked.
If you're into portable entertainment, you must have a PSP. The amount of music, videos, games and/or apps you want is limited only to the size of your memory stick, not forgetting Wi-Fi internet access. Be it podcasts, DVD movies, UMD movies, magazines or music, the PSP can store it all. But above all, the PSP is worth every dollar thanks to its 1001 multifunctional uses.

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