Saturday, 10 December 2005

In December

I was surfing and saw a digg on the houses of Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steven Jobs. Pretty impressive, also be sure to check out Tiger Woods` house. Wow.
Watched Lord of War over the weekened, pretty good movie that revolves around the life of a guns dealer who goes the world over supplying guns to the most notorious dictators in the world, eventually he ends up facing his own conscience. The movie is pretty much about the devastating effects of gun deals in the world its worth watching ( 2 hours playing time).
In some other stuff, I've posted a link to the 'Music In Maldives' blog, which is all about educating, promoting and documenting music in Maldives. Its a free online project, which you can take part in yourself. Have a look at it, and if you have anything to contribute, feel free to post. Stay put for tomorrows post where i'll get a hold of some utility programs to help search for rootkits.

Watched - Lord of War
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