Friday, 11 November 2005

Stuff in general

Yay, just watched Flightplan - good movie but it took quite a while to reach the climax. After the movie, I checked out the trailer for the Exorcism of Emily Rose, which i think is really freaky. Also read a post by an NYC student on blogging, which was a good read. Gotta cut this post short for today >.<

Watched -
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Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Some re-design

Back. Argh, 4 days since my last post - Was kinda busy designing layouts for some magazine that's going to be released next month or so. From now on my posts will have a 'format' to it, this makes it easier for me to post regularly and keep posts in an orderly manner.
Anyway, played around with Photoshop CS2 yesterday and ended up with this and this.

- The Interpreter (click for info)
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Saturday, 5 November 2005

Desktop Styling

Hey again, I've customized the look of my desktop totally. This post contains some helpful links on where to find wallpaper and programs to give your desktop a new look.

Click image to Enlarge.

Wallpapers (

Programs - Konfabulator, RK Launcher (an application that will allow the user to have a visually pleasing bar at the side of the screen that is used to quickly launch shortcuts)

Themes - I recommend getting Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher v4.0 and then downloading themes, this just patches the Windows theme settings so you don't have to use programs to use themes. If you need links to some nice themes, leave a comment and i'll get back to you.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Pro Evo 5

Woot, got my hands on Pro Evolution Soccer 5 yesterday. From the first impression, it looks just like Pro Evo 4 , but only when you start playing the game do you see the difference. The game has a new look to it, with Henry and Terry on the front cover of the game. The main menu has also been redone and looks nice in its sleek black design.
As usual, the intro cinematic was really awesome; a bunch of 3d players showing off different types of skill on the ball. At first play, i realised that the controls to the game were 'stiffer' and bit unresponsive compared to the responsiveness in Pro Evo 4.
Graphics on the other hand were stepped up a notch. Player models and the environments were very detailed which led me to believe some of the pitches were redone. As I kicked off my first game (Arsenal vs Real Madrid) , there were some considerable changes in gameplay and control of players. Player movement etc has been changed a bit, resulting in, what i thought, was 'edgyness'. But on the whole, the pros outweighed the cons; players responded in a more realistic manner on and off the ball.
Tackles, passes and long balls were a lot more realistic than in Pro Evo 4, there's around a million ways you can score a goal. This is one of the reasons Pro Evo 5 is the best in its genre. As i said earlier, the player models look realistic enough that you can actually tell which player has the ball without looking at his name. One significant change is the AI in the game, without doubt i give it 5 stars. Players reacted well and there was no sign of AI gone wrong, as Henry pulled off a diving header on a loose ball and scored into the farpost ( :( )
The music that came along with the game (a sort of techno type) went quit well with the game, with the occasional rock track. Overall, this was a really fun game. I look forward to Pro Evo 6. Make sure you check out the gameplay screenshots which are linked below
Rating : 8/10
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