Friday, 28 October 2005

Some stuff..

Wazza! Downloaded Azureus again, its been ages since I used this nifty bittorent client, so I thought I'll tell you all about it. First of all, you can download Azureus here. Once you have downloaded it all you have to do is find a torrent you want to download and start downloading. Simple as that. If you want a program that is light, and i mean light on resources, I suggest you check out UTorrent here (the program itself is 97kb big/small).
Im thinking of getting a new PC, or core components, at least. So im listing down some performance PC parts. If you like to help me out, click on the title of this post and comment. So far i've got :
Processor - Intel or AMD 3200 + socket one..
Motherboard - Asus something..
RAM - 1gb Kingston DDR2 X 2
Graphics card - Geforce 7800GT (256mb DDR3) or ATI Radeon X850XT

Also, if you're a fan of World of Warcraft (like me) then you'll surely be interested about the plans for the game expansion are going. Click this link to read about the new Horde races and other stuff that will be coming out with the expansion pack.
While looking through came across this nice guide on BIOS, for beginners. If you want to overclock your pc, check this guide.
Okies, that should do for today.

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