Monday, 31 October 2005

Mail beta

Heya, been doing some tinkering (still alot more tinkering needed) with the blogs design which resulted in a change of headers. This is mainly because im sick of all blogs looking Kubrick-like. So, I opened up Photoshop CS2 and began experimenting. Cs2 is really fun when you get the hang of it, otherwise you wont have a sense of direction and this will get you nowhere. The text in the header is the result of text-masking, something that is stupidly simple to do.
Im trying to get a hold of Microsoft Mail invites, and once i do i'll stick some up for grabs (or if you'r really impatient, click here to sign up for Microsoft Mail beta) . Microsoft Mail (codename Kahuna) , which is still in the Beta stages,
is a huge improvement over Hotmail, Microsoft's current service, and GMail, the Google-owned service with which it is clearly competing. Offering the best functionality from Web-based offerings like OWA as well as even Windows-based email clients such as Outlook, Kahuna is surprisingly full-featured. - launched by a 19-year-old Toronto resident, "dedicated to people who hate the 'iPod Revolution,'" in early October with a simple ambition: raising enough money to buy a 20GB iPod that he would smash on video, right there at the store. He succeeded. However, in a surprise plot twist, he gets kicked out of the Yorkdale Apple Store." If you hate iPods, you'll love this site (i think).
Also, if you want to find out the best movies to lookout for this season check out 's Movie Reviews. Can't wait for Saw 2 (rated 40 - WHY!!) and The Legend of Zorro to come out.
Keep checking the site, i've got alot of changes planned.

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adonius said...

would like an invite to be a beta tester mail ma at adonius4ever@HOTMAIL.COM