Monday, 31 October 2005

It's Halloween. Yeay

Happy Halloween everyone, im a day away from getting my hands on a copy of Pro Evo 5. Ill try my best to write a review and post some screenies. Umm nothing of bloggable interest has happened lately, so ill just blog some nice finds or software.
There’s a new version of the popular peer to peer voice service skype, Skype Also, another interesting piece of software, Google Web Accelerator. Google Web Accelerator is an application that uses the power of Google's global computer network to make web pages load faster. Google Web Accelerator is easy to use; all you have to do is download and install it, and from then on many web pages will automatically load faster than before. Click here to download it.
World of Warcraft creators Blizzard have officially announced the expansion to the popular game, Burning Crusade. Over 5 million people worldwide subscribe to this MMoRPG (Massively Multiplayer online Role-playing Game). Some solid facts Blizz has revealed about the expansion:
  • Level cap raised to 70

  • Blood Elves confirmed new horde race

  • Flying mounts

  • New profession (Jewelcrafting)

  • New talents, abilities and spells.
For more information, check out the official website.
BTW, im writing this post in MS Word (testing out the Blogger MS Word plugin).
Till tomorrow.

Mail beta

Heya, been doing some tinkering (still alot more tinkering needed) with the blogs design which resulted in a change of headers. This is mainly because im sick of all blogs looking Kubrick-like. So, I opened up Photoshop CS2 and began experimenting. Cs2 is really fun when you get the hang of it, otherwise you wont have a sense of direction and this will get you nowhere. The text in the header is the result of text-masking, something that is stupidly simple to do.
Im trying to get a hold of Microsoft Mail invites, and once i do i'll stick some up for grabs (or if you'r really impatient, click here to sign up for Microsoft Mail beta) . Microsoft Mail (codename Kahuna) , which is still in the Beta stages,
is a huge improvement over Hotmail, Microsoft's current service, and GMail, the Google-owned service with which it is clearly competing. Offering the best functionality from Web-based offerings like OWA as well as even Windows-based email clients such as Outlook, Kahuna is surprisingly full-featured. - launched by a 19-year-old Toronto resident, "dedicated to people who hate the 'iPod Revolution,'" in early October with a simple ambition: raising enough money to buy a 20GB iPod that he would smash on video, right there at the store. He succeeded. However, in a surprise plot twist, he gets kicked out of the Yorkdale Apple Store." If you hate iPods, you'll love this site (i think).
Also, if you want to find out the best movies to lookout for this season check out 's Movie Reviews. Can't wait for Saw 2 (rated 40 - WHY!!) and The Legend of Zorro to come out.
Keep checking the site, i've got alot of changes planned.

Saturday, 29 October 2005

Mini compo

Back again, this time I thought i'll give away something in a post, and so, im giving away 30gigs Email accounts for those of you out there that don't think GMail has enough storage. All you have to do to get an account is comment on this post, as simple as that.
Got Civilization 4 today, it doesn't run that 'smoothly' but nonetheless its a really good game, expect a semi-review and screenshots once I properly get the hang of it. Also, i'll be getting my hands on a copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 soon, await screenshots etc.
And.. FireTune 1.8 "FireTune for Mozilla Firefox v1.x was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. Usually you have to optimize Firefox manually, which can be time consuming and difficult for the novice user."
At the moment i'm : Checking out WordPress (not liking it), playing Civ VI, downloading torrents, on mIRC and finding stuff to post on. Till tomorrow, later.

Friday, 28 October 2005

Some stuff..

Wazza! Downloaded Azureus again, its been ages since I used this nifty bittorent client, so I thought I'll tell you all about it. First of all, you can download Azureus here. Once you have downloaded it all you have to do is find a torrent you want to download and start downloading. Simple as that. If you want a program that is light, and i mean light on resources, I suggest you check out UTorrent here (the program itself is 97kb big/small).
Im thinking of getting a new PC, or core components, at least. So im listing down some performance PC parts. If you like to help me out, click on the title of this post and comment. So far i've got :
Processor - Intel or AMD 3200 + socket one..
Motherboard - Asus something..
RAM - 1gb Kingston DDR2 X 2
Graphics card - Geforce 7800GT (256mb DDR3) or ATI Radeon X850XT

Also, if you're a fan of World of Warcraft (like me) then you'll surely be interested about the plans for the game expansion are going. Click this link to read about the new Horde races and other stuff that will be coming out with the expansion pack.
While looking through came across this nice guide on BIOS, for beginners. If you want to overclock your pc, check this guide.
Okies, that should do for today.

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

The 'free' post

Woot it's me again, I couldn't post yesterday because of serious template deformalities. Todays post will be about News in general and other interesting (I hope) stuff. I applied for Adsense day before yesterday, now all I have to do is wait and see if the nice people at Google think my blog is worth showing ads. Another cool thing about Google Adsense is that it is somewhat a form of revenue. It basically works like this : Your site shows Google ads (you can choose what sort of ads you want displayed) , people visit your site, click the ads and you get paid for it.
Found some interesting piece of software/operating system (delete as appropriate) called Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is as quote
a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support.
And what's cool about it is the fact that it is 100% free. Where can you get a copy of Ubuntu? Easy, just click this link to have Ubuntu shipped (FREE) wherever you are in the world.
Just found a site that lists and tracks other websites and services that are all free. From everything that ranges from Online education, Music, DIY-stuff and good deals, Oolsi seems to have it all.
Some other free stuff, check this site out for the Best Free web applications.
If you are lucky enough to own an Xbox360 controller, check the Llamma's guide to disassembling the controller and how to wire/connect the LED's.
Oh, the image at the top of this post was my attempt at Photoshop CS2 ><. More from me tomorrow. BTW, i've added RSS feeds to this blog. If you can, subscribe to the feed :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Woot.. nouhadsblog v2.0

Hello there people, its been well over 4 months or so since I last posted (was kept busy with exams and a whole load of other things). Anyway, im back to blogging. During my time away I was planning to restart blogging by redesigning the whole blog, and so, construction is underway in creating nouhads blog v2.0! Expect it to be released within a few months/weeks as im coding it myself in CSS and it is not easy :P
The picture above is a little sneak preview of how the banner for v2.0 will look.
There has been so much happening and so much that I have to post, see you tomorrow.