Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Ps3 Part 2

New: Motor Storm (Sony). This demo included about 60 seconds of truly chaotic game footage. It’s a racing game, but a wonderfully muddy, violent and georgeously rendered-one from the looks of this footage, which definitely jazzed the audience. On reaction alone this was a crowd favorite. In the footage, motor vehicles of all types (dirtbikes, ATVs, dune buggies, rally cars) crashed into each other as they raced through muddy gulches and over high embankments. Motorcycles rode over the tops of slower vehicles and sometimes got crushed by larger vehicles. The violence was crunching and visceral and the entire experience immersive as a result of the realistic way in which mud, people, and parts of vehicles flew absolutely everywhere. Screenshot shows a motorcycle rider about to get creamed by an exploding rally car that’s flying through the air at him.

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I live at 77708 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?