Saturday, 14 May 2005

PS3 Ad Hype

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This picture contains a billboard showing an advert for the new PS3, just days after Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console, Xbox 360, hitting stores on November 2005.
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Plus check this site out for some trailers of new movies.


Nocturnal said...

As far as I'm concerned the thing that sony's really good at is Lying, and hype... remember all that bull-shit when the PS2 first came out? You know how the games were going to look like "Toy Story". Yea right, PS2 graphics were the worst out of all the consoles. So far what I've seen of the PS3 is not impressive, just expensive.

Nouhad said...

Yeah I have to say.. I agree with you. From what we've seen from the X360, Sony really need luck on their side to pull of a successful PS3 campaign. Even the fanboys are losing hope. :S

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