Thursday, 26 May 2005

iPod hackery, Batman and a Star Wars Prequel?

It's been a while since i last posted. First off, Accessing Hidden Files on your iPod,
Apple keeps the music files on your iPod hidden, but with a little hackery, all your music will be revealed, allowing you to copy the files (legally, of course) from one machine to another.
That basically explains it. Click here to find out how to do it.
Also, just released, a 10 minute peek into just how sweet the new Batman movie is going to be.
Click here to see the clip.
Moving on, about the Star Wars prequel this is what i found out
a prequel to The Phantom Menace. The story would follow the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker ever graced the universe. Yoda, who, according to Lucas, was instrumental in the effort, would apparently have a headlining role. However, Lucas, now age 60, says he won't be captaining such a ship if it ever happens."
Thats about it, Bittorent is getting stormed by the way.

Sunday, 22 May 2005

Security and some helpful programs

Hello there, this post contains information and a patch for the Microsoft Windows Generic Host Process error.
Symptoms that you need this patch are if :
After you install security update 873333 (MS05-012), you experience the following problems:
• You may receive the following error message after you start the computer:
Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error
Note This problem only occurs in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).
• File names are not displayed in e-mail messages that include file attachments when the following conditions are true:
• The file name contains double-byte character set (DBCS) characters.
• The file name is longer than 42 characters.
Note This problem only occurs when the e-mail message format is Rich Text.
A direct download link for WinXP users can be found here. Otherwise, click here.

Also I found a handy software that tests your personal firewall. Click here to see whether your PC is hack-proof.
Also, check out Shell Extension City for some small extremely helpful programs, I've chosen RamAgent as an example (FREE Ram Optimizer for Windows which boosts system performance and optimizes). Click here to go to Shell Extension City.

More Xbox360 Movies and 'Spore'.

Here is the full list of new Xbox360 Movies.
Condemned: Criminal Origins Xbox E3 2005 Movie (72.41MB)
Saint's Row Xbox 360 E3 2005 Movie (147.64MB)

Also, Next year, Electronic Arts will release Wright's next attempted masterpiece, Spore, a game some are calling "Sim Everything."

Spore will give players the chance to control life -- from the ground up.
Click here to read about Spore.

Courtesy :

Thursday, 19 May 2005

The Revolution has begun.

Click here for pictures
Nintendo held its pre-E3 press conference this morning and confirmed speculation that it would announce its contribution to next-generation gaming. Plans for its future console, the Revolution, were revealed at an auditorium off Hollywood Boulevard. Nintendo is the last of the "Big Three" game-console makers to reveal its next-gen plans. Microsoft took the lid off its future console, the Xbox 360, last week, and Sony unveiled the PS 3 yesterday at its pre-E3 conference.

To cheers from the crowd, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata proudly held a "Revolution prototype" aloft in his hand--but did not hook it up to any displays or turn it on. The Revolution design didn't follow suit with its curvaceous competitors, the concave Xbox 360 and the convex PlayStation 3. In fact, its simple rectangular design could easily be mistaken for a modem at first glance. However, like its competitors, the unit can stand vertically or lie supine.

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Ps3 Part 3 : "Smooth"


CPU: Cell Processor PowerPC-base Core @3.2GHz
--1 VMX vector unit per core
--512KB L2 cache
--7 x SPE @3.2GHz
--7 x 128b 128 SIMD GPRs
--7 x 256KB SRAM for SPE
--*1 of 8 SPEs reserved for redundancy
--Total floating point performance: 218 gigaflops

GPU RSX @ 550MHz
--1.8 TFLOPS floating point Performance
--Full HD (up to 1080p) x 2 channels
--Multi-way programmable parallel Floating point shader pipelines
--Sound Dolby 5.1ch, DTS, LPCM, etc. (Cell-based processing)

256MB XDR Main RAM @3.2GHz
256MB GDDR3 VRAM @700MHz
System Bandwidth Main RAM-- 25.6GB/s
RSX-- 20GB/s (write) + 15GB/s (read)
SB2.5GB/s (write) + 2.5GB/s (read)

2 teraflops

--HDD Detachable 2.5" HDD slot x 1
--I/O--USB Front x 4, Rear x 2 (USB2.0)
--Memory Stickstandard/Duo, PRO x 1
--SD standard/mini x 1
--CompactFlash(Type I, II) x 1

--Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) x 3 (input x 1 + output x 2)
--Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g
--Bluetooth--Bluetooth 2.0 (EDR)
--ControllerBluetooth (up to 7)
--USB 2.0 (wired)
--Wi-Fi (PSP)
--Network (over IP)

Ps3 Part 2

New: Motor Storm (Sony). This demo included about 60 seconds of truly chaotic game footage. It’s a racing game, but a wonderfully muddy, violent and georgeously rendered-one from the looks of this footage, which definitely jazzed the audience. On reaction alone this was a crowd favorite. In the footage, motor vehicles of all types (dirtbikes, ATVs, dune buggies, rally cars) crashed into each other as they raced through muddy gulches and over high embankments. Motorcycles rode over the tops of slower vehicles and sometimes got crushed by larger vehicles. The violence was crunching and visceral and the entire experience immersive as a result of the realistic way in which mud, people, and parts of vehicles flew absolutely everywhere. Screenshot shows a motorcycle rider about to get creamed by an exploding rally car that’s flying through the air at him.

PS3 , W3lcom3 Chang3

  • It will support Blu-ray (obviously), DVD±R/W, CD-R/RW
  • Backwards compatible with the PlayStation 2 and original Playstation
  • One 3.2GHz Cell processor—total system performance rated at 2.18 teraflops (uh, that’s actually about twice what Microsoft is claiming the Xbox 360 will do); it will have 256MB system RAM 3.2GHz, and 256MB GDDR VRAM at 700MHz
  • The nVidia graphics will be called the RSX (”Reality Synthesizer”), and will trump the Xbox 360 with 1080p (yes, that’s a p) graphics support.
  • There will be a 2.5-inch hard drive (i.e. laptop hard drive) attachment—a first for a Sony launch (no, we don’t count the PSX and/or the FF add-on)
  • Memory Stick Duo slot, and very surprisingly, an SD and CF slots
  • Bluetooth support with up to seven wireless controllers
  • Six USB system ports

Monday, 16 May 2005

Featured Find#2 Walls

Here are some nice wallpapers. Hopefully, in the coming Finds i'll get something nice.

Luckily the PSP doesn't run windows..

Although this giant billboard in NYC could be a little misleading:

.. and then ..

How embarrassing!


Uber Truck. This is the most awesome truck on Earth. Two words that'll make you click the link - Halo, Big Big Screen (Make that 4). Go go go!

Saturday, 14 May 2005

Xbox 360 #4

Free Image Hosting at
Dashboard image.
Media of games for Xbox 360 : Gears of War, Ghost Recon 3, Quake IV, NFS : Most wanted, Thug 3 , COD 2.

Who knows, PS3 may turn out to kick the Xbox 360.
Only time can tell

PS3 Ad Hype

Image Hosted by
This picture contains a billboard showing an advert for the new PS3, just days after Microsoft unveiled its new gaming console, Xbox 360, hitting stores on November 2005.
Click here to view the full picture.
Plus check this site out for some trailers of new movies.

Friday, 13 May 2005

DOA for the Xbox 360 Warning : these pics contain simulated people)

DOA pic 1 , DOA pic 2, DOA pic 3 , DOA pic 4 , DOA pic 5 , DOA pic 6 , DOA pic 7 , DOA pic 8

Xbox 360 #3 More Pics

The New Name
In generating a name for the system, the team threw out Xbox 2. "We've shifting the power of the gaming systems from technology to hardware to the gamer being the center of the industry, and Xbox 2 just sounds like it fits into that old scheme. We threw it out."

After numerous attempts, the team favorite became Xbox 360 because, among other reasons, it puts gamers at the center of the circle. So they decided to try it out, give it a sort of Rorschach test. Microsoft went to the public -- gamers and non-gamers, the second gamer in the household, the NASCAR dad and the soccer mom, as Allard says -- and asked them what they thought of when they heard the name "360."

One survey taker said, "Um, the first time I kissed my girlfriend on a Ferris wheel." Another responder said, "I love music. The word 360 makes me think of vinyl. Another said, "The first time I landed a kickflip on my skateboard." Another said, "When I exchanged rings with my husband in our vows, and I understood the significance of the ring, you know, a lifetime commitment." The answers, the team learned, were wildly different because of the unconventional name. But they all connected with a theme -- they were all emotional, personal experiences that evoked joy. "So, the reason we went in was different than the reason we came out."

Xbox 360 #2 Specs

The Specifications:

Xbox 360 Hardware Specifications

Custom IBM PowerPC-based CPU

- 3 symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each

- 2 hardware threads per core; 6 hardware threads total

- 1 VMX-128 vector unit per core; 3 total

- 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread

- 1 MB L2 cache

CPU Game Math Performance

- 9 billion dot product operations per second

Custom ATI Graphics Processor

- 500 MHz

- 10 MB embedded DRAM

- 48-way parallel floating-point dynamically-scheduled shader pipelines

- Unified shader architecture

Polygon Performance

- 500 million triangles per second

Pixel Fill Rate

- 16 gigasamples per second fillrate using 4X MSAA

Shader Performance

- 48 billion shader operations per second


- 512 MB GDDR3 RAM

- 700 MHz DDR

- Unified memory architecture

Memory Bandwidth

- 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth

- 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM

- 21.6 GB/s front-side bus

Overall System Floating-Point Performance



- Detachable and upgradeable 20 GB hard drive

- 12X dual-layer DVD-ROM

- Memory unit support starting at 64 MB


- Support for up to 4 wireless game controllers

- 3 USB 2.0 ports

- 2 memory unit slots

Optimized for Online

- Instant, out-of-the-box access to Xbox Live features, including Xbox Live Marketplace for downloadable content, Gamer Profile for digital identity and voice chat to talk to friends while playing games, watching movies or listening to music

- Built in Ethernet Port

- Wi-Fi Ready: 802.11 A, B and G

- Video Camera Ready

Digital Media Support

- Support for DVD-Video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, WMA CD, MP3 CD, JPEG Photo CD

- Stream media from portable music devices, digital cameras, Windows XP PCs

- Rip music to Xbox 360 hard drive

- Custom playlists in every game

- Windows Media Center Extender built in

- Interactive, full screen 3D visualizers

HD Game Support

- All games supported at 16:9, 720p and 1080i, anti-aliasing

- Standard definition and high definition video output supported


- Multichannel surround sound output

- Supports 48 KHz 16-bit audio

- 320 independent decompression channels

- 32-bit audio processing

- Over 256 audio channels

System Orientation

- Stands vertically or horizontally

Customizable Face Plates

- Interchangeable to personalize the console

Courtesy GameInformer

Xbox 360

Sunday, 8 May 2005

Xbox 360 Update

Here's a little update to all of you people. These pics show the prototype controller and a shot of the Xbox 360. Stay tuned for more pictures and posts.
Heres the controller, and here's the Media Center Remote Controller.
Xbox MTV Debut May 12th...

Friday, 6 May 2005

Desktop modding

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So you want to mod your desktop? Here's a simple and easy guide to changing the appearance of your desktop to whatever you want. Read on, follow these few steps and your desktop will look nothing like the dull (i think..) look it has at the moment.
1. First of all you need the Neowin UXTheme Multi-Patcher. This does NOT install any programs, it only patches the themes settings in Windows XP. Get it here.
2. Okay, we've patched the themes settings, now u need a Skin or a Rip. Check out these sites for Visual Styles : Neowin. Or, if you directly want either Mac OSX Tiger themes or Longhorn themes.
3. Once u click these links and choose a nice VS, to install it, just copy the file into the Windows Resources folder . Or you can simply double click the Theme file.
Any problems? Contact me.

Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Customising Messenger 7.0 and a PSP hack

Heres a helpful article to all of you people out there that have a PSP and have Wipeout Pure. This cool article shows how u can access the backdoor of the door to reveal a browser so that you can surf the Internet through any wireless hot spot. Click here to read the Web browser trick.
Another find, this is for people who don't like ads and various other annoying stuff that comes with Msn Messenger 7.0, Download this file and select the options you'd like to remove.

Sunday, 1 May 2005

Featured Find #1 "iPod killed Kenny"

Free Image Hosting at
I've decided that i'm going to give the readers a featured download, i'll try do this for every week. This week's featured download is a wallpaper called iPod killed kenny. Quite nice, currently its at 1200X600 resolution.
Contact me if you want a bigger/smaller one.
Click here to download the Featured Find.