Friday, 22 April 2005

Xbox 360 : Its all happening so fast!

Heres what i found out when i woke up today,

The popular gaming news website Evil Avatar has once again gotten its hands on the latest puzzle solution to the Xbox 360 from Our Colony. The picture this time shows a chrome image of some part of the Xbox 360. This indicates that in fact the Xbox 360 does not have an in fact white (platinum white shell), but a chrome/metal like appearance.

Also, a little bit more on the development kits for the Xbox 360

Now before you frantically click the title, be warned, these are not pics of the actual console. They are pics of the development kits sent out I believe last May or June to developers. Back then, the actual system was in such early stages that they shipped Mac G5 computers instead (free of charge I'd assume) to developers to start work on the next gen titles. The article claims that the kit is housed inside the case, when in fact this is not true. These are basically G5 systems (because they use PowerPC processors like the upcoming Xbox 360), but they are running a different kernal and operating system.

Courtesy : and Kotaku

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