Friday, 22 April 2005

Skinning ur GMail, Sony MMORPG-ing and Ipod Killers

This punchpacking post contains some really handy info and some news concerning Sony and Ipods.
Ever wanted to skin your GMail maybe because you did'nt like the way it looked? Then read this guide and CSS-customise it to however you want it to look.
Also, news that Sony is greenlighting the MMORPG market can be read in this article courtesy ArsTechnica. Finally, the last article is about rivals of the Ipod are targetting the revolutionary MP3 player, click here to read iPod killers courtesy Yahoo! Finance.


Anonymous said...

iPod sucks! its jus the marketing... if you want looks, go for the olympus m:robe mr100, or the rio carbon... want more features go for zen micro, iriver h10, rio carbon, iriver h340, or BEST of all... the Archos Gmini 400...

if your considerin gettin an ipod, talk to me,

and i'll make you a happy person who doesnt fit in with the retarded masses.! :)

nouhad said...

yo chin lol, yea.. not got enough reviews for the iRiver, can u send a link my way.. thanks