Saturday, 12 March 2005

Xbox 2 Information

Microsoft stated some general info on how the high definition technology, personalization and connectivity will be executed:

* Custom music. Developers will no longer have to support custom music for games, because consumers will be able to play their own music while playing any new Xbox game.
* Marketplace. After searching via game, genre, etc, consumers will be able to go there to download new game levels, skins, maps, weapons, vehicles and content created by other gamers.
* Micro-transactions. Developers and the gaming population will be able to log into the Marketplace, then buy content created by the gaming community. Buying a fully-loaded car, for instance, might cost a dollar, and then the transaction can go down within the Xbox context. Similar ideas have already been at play in PC games such as Second Life.
* Gamer cards. Gamer cards boost the community aspect of Xbox Live!, allowing players to find others online who have the same interests, skills and lifestyles.

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