Thursday, 28 October 2004

Exceptional programs...

Here are some really good programs that you must have on your PC. Check it.

1) Azureus - Downloading software based on the Bittorent architecture. Very useful for downloading large files. Check out :
2) Skype - One of the best VOIP softwares around. Has excellent sound quality and is FREE. Check out : My skype SN is nouhad_a
3) Mozilla Firefox - Stop using Internet explorer and start using Firefox. The number 1 web browser. Check out :
4) WindowBlinds - If u want a new look for your operating system, use Win dowBlinds and skin your PC to look like a Mac and other things. Check out :
5) BitComet - Another small Bittorent client.

Be sure to check these out.

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Site progress

Hello, this is the third posting to this blog so far... yeay!..
Still working on site design before i actually start posting. If
anyone would like to help me with templates or design please reach me
on my email (
Once this blog is up and running i would be posting weekly.. Whether i
have the time or not.
Stay tuned for more postings

Sunday, 24 October 2004

Blog construction underway...

I had forgotten about my blog and so i decided to start posting stuff, i had registered it a while ago and forgotten about it. Reconstruction would take around a week i guess , the speed at things are going. Be sure to come back to this site in around a week's time or contact me
Thank You,
Nouhad A.