Friday, 17 December 2004

December Movies...

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New movies this christmas month that are worth watching are :
1) Polar Express - Story of a kid who wakes up to find the Polar Express outside his house, ready to take him to the North Pole. Reluctantly, he climbs on and from then onwards the adventure starts. Tom Hanks, through the use of CGI plays 3 different roles in the movie. Pros : Nice visuals, Good storyline, Adventure-packed. Rating : 7/10
2) National Treasure - Nicholas Cage stars in his latest movie where he is forced to continue the family tradition uncovering clues that will lead to the wherabouts of the American Forefathers treasure. As they progress, one clue leads them to the Declaration of Independance which they eventually steal, discovering more clues.If you're a fan of Dan Browns Da Vinci Code, you'll like this film. Rating : 8.5/10
3) Blade Trinity - Continuing of from Blade 2, Wesley Snipes is back in the form of Blade for this 3 instalment of the series. In this movie, Dracula has been resurrected by the Vampires in order to help them get rid of Blade. Jessica Biel and the guy from Van Wilder helps Blade defeat the vampires. Pros : Good casting (Triple H).

Wednesday, 15 December 2004

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Wednesday, 1 December 2004

Movies u have to watch..

1) SAW - Low-budget psychological thriller with a gripping storyline. Rating : 9/10
2) The Incredibles - 3D Animated movie about a family of superheroes, funny and worth watching. Rating : 8/10
3) Ladder 49 - Movie about the life of Jack Morisson (Joaquin Pheonix) and his team who dedicate their life to saving lives as firefighters. Rating : 8.5/10

Friday, 26 November 2004

Holidays upcoming.. Site work wil resume

Not posted for nearly a month now, but stay put. Holidays are up and coming and ill be able to post. :)

Thursday, 28 October 2004

Exceptional programs...

Here are some really good programs that you must have on your PC. Check it.

1) Azureus - Downloading software based on the Bittorent architecture. Very useful for downloading large files. Check out :
2) Skype - One of the best VOIP softwares around. Has excellent sound quality and is FREE. Check out : My skype SN is nouhad_a
3) Mozilla Firefox - Stop using Internet explorer and start using Firefox. The number 1 web browser. Check out :
4) WindowBlinds - If u want a new look for your operating system, use Win dowBlinds and skin your PC to look like a Mac and other things. Check out :
5) BitComet - Another small Bittorent client.

Be sure to check these out.

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Site progress

Hello, this is the third posting to this blog so far... yeay!..
Still working on site design before i actually start posting. If
anyone would like to help me with templates or design please reach me
on my email (
Once this blog is up and running i would be posting weekly.. Whether i
have the time or not.
Stay tuned for more postings

Sunday, 24 October 2004

Blog construction underway...

I had forgotten about my blog and so i decided to start posting stuff, i had registered it a while ago and forgotten about it. Reconstruction would take around a week i guess , the speed at things are going. Be sure to come back to this site in around a week's time or contact me
Thank You,
Nouhad A.